Sunday, September 12, 2010

Story Number 1: My Life as Being Barry the Pug.

The morning sun shined through the blinds and into my eyes. My eyelids opened and so did my mouth. I yawned until I felt a tight stretch on my wrinkled mouth. Smacking my lips, I shook my fur and slowly walked out of my black, luxury crate. The window had been opened all night and I had trouble falling asleep because of all the noise outside. The noises of cars driving by, Dorothy the Labrador across the street howling for her pups, and the downstairs cat Molby purring through his sleep.
My owner walked out of her bed and looked at me with sleepy eyes. She yawned and pat me in the head and walked out of the door. If I was in my younger days I would of followed her to see what she was up to. But now I was old and lazy and I didn't want to follow her to the bathroom. Nor outside where I was trained to potty. Nor to the car where I was the center of attention the whole ride. So I am not that interesting right now right? Well...let me tell you the story of my younger days.

Chapter 1
Barry is Chosen!

Jingle Jingle The bell tied to the door jingled while people pushed in and pulled out. I sat down in front of the glass and tried sniffing at every hand tapping at my window. The cool air brushed in when the door opened and I was loving it. Watching the door was my favorite hobby in my house. Well, temporary house as Mom used to call it. When the door swung open the fresh air of the outside world flushed in at my stuffy glass cage and new people poured in and petted my itchy head and back. When the door closed, the air began to warm up to my fur which I didn't like but people started to take the puppies home.
Wondering when I would be chosen to my forever home, I sat on my bed and watched my two sisters wrestle. I secretly wished that my younger sister, Pug 2 as the humans called her would win because my sister, Pug 1 was a big brat to me. She always ate from my bowl and drank from my water bottle after hers were empty. But of course Pug 2 being smaller than Pug 1, she had lost and we both felt very bad. Pug 2 glanced at me in the eye and we both knew what to do. I jumped up to Pug 1 as Pug 2 joined in with me and together we defeated the ultimate enemy. Happiness rushing out of me, I barked and jumped around in the cage as Pug 1's raging eyes glared at me and lied down in a corner.
The door opened once more and a man that had brown hair and brown eyes walked in. The man sniffed the store as Pug 1 called it, and cringed his nose. I sniffed along with him and smelled the fresh smell of fur and food and smiled. He looked around and I sat in front of the cage waiting for the man to look down at me and to take me home. But I was just imagining because My sisters and I were never picked up by anyone. The dogs next to our cage, golden retrievers were more popular since they were bigger than us but thats what Pug 1 said.
The man walked away from our cage and went to the desk where Rudy the human was and began to ask questions. My head drooped down and my tail uncurled as I plopped down on my bed. I did raise my ear just incase the man changed his mind but I didn't get my hopes up too much because the man probably wanted some pup other than me.
You see, I was not a normal cute and furry type of dog. Here is what Pug 1 told us, "We are pugs. Pugs are ugly dogs. We have a wrinkled nose and mouth, floppy ears, flat nose, huge eyes, curly tail, and fat bodies. So no one will want to adopt us. Look around, do you see any dogs that look like us? No, that is why we are the only ones in here. Don't get your hopes up. I plan to live here until the rest of my life. I don't see why we had to leave Mommy to find another home because I am clearly very happy with my mom!" And so on. The things Pug 1 told me circled in my head and I closed my eyes but my ears twitched with the sound of the man and Rudy walking towards our cage.
"These dogs are great for apartments and is a very smart breed." Rudy told the man. Smart? I thought. Well, I guess I am pretty smart for figuring out to pee on the wee wee pad and ripping it up to get rid of it! The man nodded as he looked from Pug 1 to me.
"Are they calm and quiet too?" The man asked with a squint in his eye.
"Well they certainly aren't yappy dogs like the Yorkies or other small dogs" Rudy told the man calmly.
"Alright...well..." The man pointed to my face. "I would like this young pup right here."
I looked around to see Pug 1 and Pug 2 look at me with a shocked look on their faces. Then Pug 2 smiled at me and rubbed her head besides mine. "Have a nice life" she told me as I was carried in Rudy's hands to the counter that seemed huge now that I was up close. The man took my paw and shook it. I quickly pulled it out since that did not feel very good. Why would he do that? Doesnt he know manners? I thought. Then I was put in another cage, but this time with wires, and I was taken out of my home that I spent all my 1 week of life in. Pug 1 and Pug 2 pressed their short snouts to the glass to see the last glimpse of me and I turned around and yelped in joy. I was finally on my way to my new forever home.

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